People can’t live beyond time, but everyone has their own relationship with it. You can catch up with time, wait, try not to notice it, or negotiate with it. You can blame it for the past mistakes or hope that it will start a new lease on life.

Or you can meet it for a sincere conversation about the present, here and now.

Leave the usual fuss for a while, forget about the smartphone, look around at familiar places and people, and notice details usually hidden from view when you are in a hurry. You can hear the voice of the Time and hear yourself better.

Promenade performance THE TIME

An immersive performance engages the audience in the action, surrounds them with sounds, brings the sensations closer, and helps them focus on the feelings. There’s no auditorium, buffet, or cloakroom. There are city streets instead of a stage and passersby instead of actors. Everyone taking part in this walk and conversation with the Time receives headphones. The Time tells you where to go, the main thing is to trust it.
The performance is accompanied by a professional photographer. After the performance, you will find the photos in your email, on our Facebook page and our website.

Upcoming performances

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The full ticket price can be refunded no later than 5 days before the performance.
If you want to return your ticket 3 days before the performance, we can refund 50% of the ticket price.
If there are fewer than 3 days left till the performance, the refund is not available.

Important: the refund is made with a deduction of the ticket operator's commission – 5%.
Meeting point: Kyiv, the Pedestrian Bridge over the Dnipro River (8-minute walk from Poshtova Square station).

Age: 7+

Performance duration: 90 minutes

Number of participants: 40

Language: Russian, English

Purchased tickets return policy

polina baranichenko
director, script writer

Project team

anna leshchenko
assistant director
dmytro saratskyi
sergii babkin
musical leading theme of the performance
pavlo aldoshyn
voice of the performance


We always start on time, so please don't be late.
The performance starts in one place and ends in a different location, so it's best not to bother with a car.
The performance route requires going down to the Underground. It is important to follow the travel rules in the Kyiv Underground.
Comfortable shoes will help you focus on the performance and your senses.



Should you have any administrative questions, please call +38 (050) 041 46 79.
Photos and videos are allowed, but please respect the original creative rights of the uzahvati team and do not post the whole route and/or scenes from the performance on social networks.
If you really want to share your impressions about the performance, we will be happy if you talk more about the format of the immersive theater and about your feelings and thoughts.
Would you like to create a new emotional experience together?