uzahvati is the first creative team in Ukraine that works in the genre of the immersive project. There are 7 repertoire performances and more than 17 thousand viewers.

Since 2016, we have been developing projects that bring in new emotional experiences and transform the participants.

TIME, DIALOGY, STEREO, and S V O I performances can be a completely new cultural experience in your country or city.

We look forward to making the creative, emotional projects of the uzahvati team available to as many people as possible around the world. And if you are reading this, you share our desire.

Franchising of the uzahvati performances

Франчайзинг вистав команди uzahvati
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Everything is simple, and everything is possible
But only in close cooperation with you because, in immersive projects, space and viewers become our co-authors. They cannot be moved mechanically (like classical theater performances from one hall to another).
Together we will
size up the area, locations, and the possibility of building a route (for a promenade performance)
study the socio-cultural specifics of the city/country
find images, stories, and associations that are close and understandable to a specific audience
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Case: a promenade performance “THE TIME" in Zagreb (Croatia), 2019

Partners: ZKM-Theatre in Zagreb

Terms: 6 months (starting from the negotiations to the premiere of the performance)

Features: the idea of the performance has transformed with the new cultural context. New episodes, Croatian music, and their slow tempo-rhythm have appeared.

Results: a new look at Zagreb, the performance fitting perfectly in a new city, a successful premiere, positive reviews in the local media ( and ZG-Kult) as well as expanding the project’s longevity in the future.
Do you share our values?
Together we will create a new emotional experience in your country or city.
The uzahvati team offers:
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your team training
the props
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consulting services