Since 2016, we have been creating unique theatrical and non-theatrical projects that bring in new emotional experiences and transform the participants.
uzahvati offers 7 repertoire performances and more than 10 immersive projects for companies and private customers.
uzahvati is the first creative team in Ukraine that works in the genre of the immersive project.
a performance for two
an experience for one
A corporate performance
THE TIME, Remote Kyiv or DIALOGY
a promenade performance in the library
We create projects that become a tool for personal self-development.

We want people to remember them as experiences that changed the perspective of small, familiar things and maybe even their entire lives…

We explore creativity, people, space, and senses.

Our mission

Talk about people, their fates and feelings.
Embrace non-theatrical spaces and allow you to see familiar places differently.
Offer the spectators to take part in the performances but keep their options and extent of participation open.
Create conditions and atmosphere to get beyond the usual hustle and bustle and hear your own self.

Our projects

The result is a new emotional experience and evolution of the individual.
Give you freedom, involve all the senses, and help you focus on your feelings.

Our values


We do what we're truly interested in and share it with like-minded people. We appreciate the frankness and intimate touch with our souls.


From stereotypes, cliches, and boundaries. Meanings and feelings are more important than plots and stories.

Respect and care for the audience

Before, during, and after the performance. We respect our guests' choice and do not insist on the preferred options for their actions and understanding of the plan. Just an impulse — and a perspective for questions and reflection.


We strive to talk simply about the complex.


We are always eager to be on the right track in exhibitions and in life while staying in touch with ourselves and other people.

Attention to detail

From the interior to intonations, looks, and sensations. We believe that they contain the beauty and uniqueness of the moment.
Would you like to create a new emotional experience together?