uzahvati is the first creative team in Ukraine that works in the genre of the immersive project. Since 2016, we have been creating unique theatrical and non-theatrical projects.

uzahvati offers 7 repertoire performances and over 17,000 viewers.
uzahvati has more than 10 exclusive immersive projects.

Private events from uzahvati

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product launches, media presentations, and team building for companies

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birthdays, proposals, and weddings for private customers

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We want people to remember the events of the uzahvati team as experiences that have changed the perspective of small familiar things, and maybe even changed their whole lives…
For this reason, our projects bring in a new emotional experience and transform the participants.
An immersive project is not a party from an event agency
It is an exclusive performance in an immersive genre from the creative team.
It is created according to your request and our original script.

We select the venue (always a non-theatrical one), conduct the casting of actors, and create the scenery and lighting plot. We organize the production and rehearsal process.

Of course, it will be a special day for you but a different one. Unique. Emotional. Sensual. Memorable. The day that involves feelings and meanings.
The foundation of our future “house” is trust
The creative team will approach the task responsibly — we will learn about the goals, expectations, and all the necessary details for the production.
It may go as a very personal conversation. And maybe even more than one.

Then you will agree on the concept of the future project, and we will deal with its creative vision. That's the reason for our meeting, isn't it?
The atmosphere, details, and accents are important to us
Guests of the event are not present, and they do not just watch but immerse themselves, participate and live.
Creativity has no boundaries but has regulations
Therefore, the time frame for creating a project for you is one to two months.
Do you share our values?
Together we will create a new emotional experience for your event.
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Case: an exclusive immersive prologue before the premiere of the documentary “Forever dancing man” at the NSC Olimpiyskiy (Kyiv), 2021

Partners: MONATIK Corporation

Terms: 21 days (from the initial meeting with MONATIK to the premiere)
Features: guests of the premiere show put on headphones and delved into a 20-minute immersive action with the route starting at the Palace of Sports and ending at the NSC Olimpiyskiy. The experience immerses the viewers into the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that MONATIK had at the beginning of his career and during the “LOVE IT rhythm” show on June 1st, 2019.
Results: 180 guests have experienced the feelings that MONATIK and everyone will have on the way to their dream. The audience has experienced its own Olimpiyskiy at the premiere show because the guests entered the empty stadium and got a powerful impression of the arena size. This story is about fears and doubts, search and ambition. It is about living with “Your people” and “Your fantasies”.
Case: a unique immersive experience in the promenade format (‘a promenade’ – a walking tour) for the presentation of the Alfa-Bank Ukraine rebranding and the “YOU CAN” communication campaign.

Partners: Alfa-Bank Ukraine, Badoev ID

Terms: 10 days (from the briefing to the premiere)
Features: the immersive action started in the heart of the country — on the square in front of the NSC Olimpiyskiy. The guests put on headphones and delved into a 60-minute immersive experience before the presentation.

They followed a special route while listening to the guide’s Voice — the Dream, which suggested walking and remembering something truly important.
Results: the immersive promenade allowed us to experience the new philosophy of the bank rebranding even before the “official” presentation. The guests had an emotional experience and remembered what they believed in because every dream is unique.