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Since 2016, we have been creating immersive performances that give you a new emotional experience. We explore theater, space, and senses. Every project is a reason for thinking and opening up.
Nash Kiev – a magazine about the capital city
I experienced catharsis at the immersive MONO performance. I no longer want to live in a conveyor belt of unnecessary goods that give a false feeling. I want to make a choice. I want to weigh my life.
It was the first time I didn't know how to approach the text. I was torn apart by two personalities: a journalist and a viewer. I had to describe how the exhibition was going on. And this was a journalist's need. But on the other hand, I wanted to write a philosophical essay on how we were beginning to forget about the genuineness of everything human.
Yabl – a magazine about culture and leisure Generally, the message of the performance is simple: let's make pauses in words, learn to listen to silence, and remember the eternal things. However, the implementation of the idea is richer than the idea itself. And uzahvati have done a great job: they do something no one else does in our country. “How do I get to the library?” This question becomes relevant again – that is the place a theater attends now.
They force you to get up from the theater chair and lose yourself in the action unfolding against the backdrop of the scenery of your hometown. And these feelings really deserve applause. Even if you can only applaud the voice in your head.
I recommend this performance beyond the stage to anyone tired of constant tension. To anyone who cannot remember when they trusted strangers. To anyone who just wants to understand something new about themselves. You will not be able to tell your friend the dramatic plot of the performance. You will not know the names of the participants. And you will not feel how quickly time has passed. However, you will be filled with a bizarre euphoria. Sometimes it's not easy to hear yourself, but this is the main monologue in your life. I want – a female portal
Immersive performances from uzahvati resemble a session with a mental health therapist, yet this role is played not by an outsider but directly by the viewer. Contemplation and reflection are the pleasant effects of participating in immersive performances.
A performance that breaks the usual concept of theater and goes beyond any framework of human perception. And most importantly, a lot in this performance depends on the viewer himself. IOD media – Internet magazine
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